Read the chapter 3 from Intercultural Communication, and read page 3-43 from Dear America. Answer the following questions.

Please submit your reading response by doing the following: (1) copy the question and question number followed by your response to the question, (2) upload your response in PDF format only.

1. Define globalization and provide an example. How is globalization connected to intercultural communication? Provide an example.

2. What is intercultural praxis? Discuss the six points/ports of entry of the intercultural praxis model in Sorrells and provide an example for each.

3. Define body politics. How might this concept be important to intercultural communication?

4. Explain the concept of social construction and provide an example.

5. Based on your reading of chapter 3, what can you say about the concept of identity?

6. What is race? Why is race an invention?

7. Select one concept from what you read in Sorrells and apply it to what Vargas discussed in his memoir. Explain the connections you are making between concepts (Sorrells) and lived experiences (Vargas).

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