Before I read the article, I thought that there wasn’t much time or dedication to try to add the accounting aspect to ERPS and I thought that was one of the main reasons it wasn’t a functionality. The first page of this article gives many examples of the research and the attempts of different groups trying to get it to be an available and efficient aspect.
One of the first ‘downsides’ of the accounting part of the ERPS is wondering how it would be designed and what would the output be. I didn’t think this was a major point on the cons of accounting. Technology is changing rapidly and our ability to design and program is increasing dramatically. With these new capabilities I think it would be a great addition to ERPS. The world is getting more impatient and more automated. Like the article discussed, this automation will be able to save substantial business hours.
I feel like most people would be in favor of adding the accounting functionality, but the main problem with it is getting it created correctly and accurately. The article mentions audits and how they have to meet certain criteria in order to be considered valid. If the system is designed incorrectly, then the results will be incorrect as well.
It would be a huge benefit and addition to the system, but it may not become a part of it due to the complexity and sensitively of the accounting aspect of the company.

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