Role of health care

Evaluate and demonstrate understanding of the role of health care providers in the management of chronic health challenges (QUALITY OF LIFE)

Write a descriptive paper that describes your reflective process of thinking, feeling, and deepening your understanding and learning about a critical issue important to persons who live with a chronic health challenge. Select an issue from the list of those in the course description, learning outcomes, essential understandings, or another that you feel passionate about.

Compose a 6 page description (excluding title page and references), double-spaced, about your issue of interest. Include your responses to at least 4 of the following questions. Please address the questions you find most interesting and/or troubling:

What are your thoughts and feelings about your chosen issue relating to living with a chronic health challenge?
What assumptions do you have about this issue?
In your experience, what do people say or express about this issue���what are their stories and what have their stories taught you?
What has shaped your current views, feelings, and understandings about your issue?
What does the research literature say about what people experience when living with the chronic health challenge you are interested in?
How will you relate, as a nurse, with a person living with this chronic health issue? What will you focus on?
What issues of ethical relating might surface in practice that link with this issue?
What does social justice have to do with chronic health challenges?
How do the social determinants impact chronic health challenges?

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