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Instructions: Answer the following questions in an essay format with an introduction (where you frame the question and give the reader an idea of what you will be arguing), a body (where you lay out your claims and evidence), and conclusion (where you summarize, but don?t repeat, the primary points of your essay). Your responses must be typed, no more than 8 pages in length (total) and draw on Bulliet et al., lecture material, and primary source readings. Please follow the format guidelines in the syllabus. The most effective response papers will go beyond repeating the readings (or lectures) and offer creative new interpretations of the evidence presented in class. You are expected to draw primarily on material from Part III: Empire, though I encourage you to incorporate any material from previous sections as well.

Tips: Be clear, make an argument, use examples to support it, cite your quotes, use topic sentences, and proofread.

European relationships with non-European peoples took on new forms during the nineteenth century. The changing dynamics of colonialism have been termed a ?New Imperialism.? What in your view were some of the defining characteristics that separated nineteenth-century European colonization from the colonization that came earlier (1492-1800)? Describe previous relationships, how they changed, and what accounted for that change.
Despite their technological and economic advantages, Europeans were not universally successful in their ambitions to conquer new territories. Describe and explain the significance of at least three conditions that limited European power, and how Europeans responded to those limitations. Hint think broadly about limitations ? they might be political, cultural, economic, or environmental.

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