Self-Assessment Speech draft and slideshow presentation

U need to make a speech draft follow the questions and simple answers for me , it has to keep the video for 3-5 minutes .

  1. What is your previous public speaking experience before the SPCH 219 course? Answer: Middle school / team cometiton and i was a leader for my group
  2. Do you have more traditional public speaking experience presenting in-person in front of a live audience, or do you have more experience presenting using 21st century mediums?
  3. Describe the way you typically approach preparing for a presentation.
  4. Describe your level of public speaking anxiety.
  5. Discuss how strong presentation skills will help you in the future in your education and/or career.

A few key points to remember:

  • Keep it simple, but plan how to cover each part.
  • Keep your video to 3-5 minutes.
  • In your video, do NOT begin with “Hello, my name is…” Instead, think of a novel way to begin.
  • Create a similarly powerful conclusion.

Please click on the “Slideshow” tab for detailed instructions on your slideshow.

Create a slideshow(ppt) using the program you are most comfortable with – Microsoft PowerPoint®, Apple Keynote®, Google Slides, etc. You will build a slideshow addressing the following prompts:

  1. After reviewing Module 1: Readings, Videos, and Lessons, what are the 3 most important take-aways you learned from Chapter 1 and Chapter 4 in The Art of Public Speaking?
  2. What are the 3 most important take-aways you learned from reading Chapter 1 of Nancy Duarte’s Resonate and “How Technology Has Changed Public Speaking?”
  3. A presenter should create engaging content – the message he or she delivers to the audience. Based on your previous experience, describe 3 important characteristics speech content that you find engaging. Share specific examples from speeches you’ve watched.

You may use as many slides as you need to explore these prompts.The word count should be more than 750-850

To ensure your instructor can open your slideshow, be sure to export your slides as a “PPTX” file before submitting.


Read the following chapters from the course textbooks:

The Art of Public Speaking (12th Edition) by S. E. Lucas (2015)

  • Chapter 1: Speaking in Public (pp. 4-17)
  • Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech (pp. 63-74)

Resonate (Links to an external site.) by Nancy Duarte (2010)

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