Seminar – My role is Planning

Bravo Group – Scenario 2 – A fire has broken out on the top floor of Happy Times Nursing Home. (See Liberty County Appendix H4). Establish an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) that will oversee the immediate response from Fire Services, care of the injured by EMS, evacuation and temporary (72 hour) placement of residents who do not require transport to local hospitals. Of the 80 current residents, the 18 on the top floor all suffer from smoke exposure, but no one has thermal burns. Address this contingency from the Central City EOC perspective. Take into consideration appropriate core capabilities and emergency support functions. Begin with a seminar among key municipal, fire, EMS, healthcare and public health officials. Alternatively, your seminar could segue into your TTX by assembling an EOC in anticipation of the storm’s arrival. Build up to a tabletop exercise. You should include all agencies that may need to play a role.

  • My Role is “Planning”: I’m responsible for the compilation and development of all exercise documentation. To accomplish this effectively, the Planning also collects and reviews policies, plans, and procedures that will be tested in the exercise.
    • Task: Find information from the ESSD of the plans and procedures to segue into preparing for the storm’s arrival

    THE ONLY Reference that MUST be used:This is a good link for the Exercise Simulation System Document (ESSD) because it offers the chapters and appendices as separate links, so it is easy to navigate.…
    Helpful document on attachment:Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

    NOTE – Stay within the EOC framework. Do not delve into the operational aspects of the exercise.
    – Use only those resources found in the Liberty County (ESSD) documents. (In other words, use only those resources actually available to you).

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