In class we will watch this video. It touches on a lot of what I covered thus far in class and relates directly to the effectivess of management and the characteristics of managers. We will watch half of the story tomorrow and I will ask you to watch the remaining portion on your own and discuss it on the Tuesday after your Spring recess. I will ask five students to serve as a focus group to discuss what you saw in the video. So I’ll be looking for volunteers. Here are ten questions that will guide your viewing and our discussion:

INSTRUCTIONS :This is management  work watch a video ‘pbs silicon valley‘ DUE , THURSDAY NIGHT (TOMORROW): answer 7 out 10 questions (100 words each)(TOTAL SHOULD BE 700 WORDS).





  1. How would you compare Shockley and Noyce?



  1. What was wrong with Philco, IBM, and Fairchild?



  1. Based on what you saw in the video, comment on the “dangers of success”.


  1. Tell me about Noyce’s strengths and weaknesses.



  1. Why was Andy Grove was so important and what do you it was like to be in his shoes?


  1. Based on the lessons in this film, why do you think it is so important to learn how to manage?





  1. Why do you think the group was so important?




  1. Based on what you saw in the video why is it that organization design can either enhance or impede productivity?



  1. How did success corrupt Silicon Valley?



  1. What advice would Robert Noyce give you about your career?


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