smoking and lung cancer

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1. Demonstrate an understanding of the definitions and relationships between health education, health promotion and health improvement
2. Critically appraise the range of different theoretical approaches to health behaviour
3. Evaluate the influence of organisations and policies on the historical changes to health education/ promotion/improvement practice
4. Establish and analyse the effectiveness of different approaches
5. (education/promotion/improvement) to a specific health problem (such as cardiovascular disease, smoking, HIV/AIDS)

Choosing a specific health problem (cardiovascular disease, smoking, an infectious disease) and a specific population group in a specific location from community to a region within a country and write a case study report on a health intervention programme aimed at improving health in your target population.

Your report should aim to:

? Identify the approach used (education; promotion or improvement)
? Establish a theoretical approach underpinning has informed the intervention and critically appraise its application to the project
? Critically analyse the effectiveness of the intervention ? stating and justifying the criteria you are using for evaluating the effectiveness of the project
? An evaluation of the influence of organisations and policies on the intervention you have chosen
? Reflect on and analyse the skills and competencies used in the intervention with an evaluation of their effectiveness
? Make recommendations for improving the impact and effectiveness of the intervention / project in improving the specific health issue for that specific population group

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