Special educational needs and disabilities

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An essay which critically analyses discussions in the literature about the policies and attitudes that might enhance or hinder the inclusion of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.
Need to analyse the literature
Avoid oversimplifying
Acknowledge dilemmas and complexities
Choose a central theme ‘ The dilemma of difference’ and relate everything (in every paragraph) back to the theme. Need to discuss the following within the essay
Dilemma of difference
Models and discourses eg. medical and social models
Inclusive teaching/teachers
Inclusive schools
A specific type of difficulty eg. autism
Collaborative approaches
The mainstreaming debate
The policy context for inclusion
Historical perspectives
What is meant by inclusive practice (define)
How inclusive practice might be identified and evaluated
Conceptions of inclusive practice
Conceptions of SEN and Disability
Please only use journal articles and books for references there is no need to write an introductory paragraph of the essay question. Start the essay by defining special educational needs and inclusion. Refer to each of the above connected themes and relate back to the dilemma of difference.

No websites for referencing please Only books and Journals (preferably journals)

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