Questions needing answers on an excel spread sheet. These are the specific instructions below.

1. I can clearly see which answer goes with which problem. Therefore, make sure to label them appropriately. If you provide the answers on the yellow highlighted areas, you do not need to label them.

2. I MUST see how you have arrived at the results (your calculations). Answers that require calculations will not be graded unless you show me the calculations. The advantage to this step is that I do grant partial credit for problems that are not completely correct, but at least I know you tried to solve it.

3. Make sure the midterm and any additional files that you may use to complete the midterm have been saved using your Last and First name (for example, SU I 2020 MSC 3370 MIDTERM_Fiala_Priscila.xlsx). Students tend to skip this instruction. I do save the document to my computer to grade it. Points will be deducted if name is not present on the file. Many students skip this step. This is not optional.

4. Questions that require further explanation will not be graded unless the answers are complete. If a question asks why, I expect to see the complete answer.

5. There are no tricks here. If you refer to your homework from weeks 1 to 4, you should have no issue in solving the problems. I did my best by adding the chapters on the tabs so you know which problem goes with which chapters. Referring to the videos and homework solutions will be your best friend!

The homework for week five is minimum in consideration of the midterm. A grade of 100 is basically a guarantee. If you want some “easy” points, I advise you to complete homework five once you finish the midterm.

You may download the midterm to your computer, print it, or do whatever works best for you. However, by Sunday, June 07, 11:59pm CST, you must submit the midterm. No exceptions!

The purpose of the midterm is to ensure that you have understood everything we have covered thus far. Again, all problems are based on your homework. Besides your book, I strongly advise you to have your homework and answers available to assist you with the midterm.

If you have ANY questions, please email me! Do not post questions about the midterm on Blackboard.


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