Tech Comm

(Please use the LEEE format, and include graphics)
1. During your research, select 2 journal articles and/or conference papersthat approach the challenge using different strategies. The journal articles/conference papers should be closely related (similar specific topics).
2. Read the articles and take notes. Focus your reading on the Introduction, Literature Review, and/or Background sections. Specifically, look at how the author(s) write about the problem identification as well as review and cite relevant literature related to the problem.
3. Write a short compare and contrast paper (you are NOT summarizing the articles/papers) informing the audience how the authors began to solve the complex problem stated within the NAE Grand Challenge, again focusing on problem identification and the relevant literature.

Content of Submissions

1.Briefly, describe the NAE Grand Challenge, focusing on the need for this research or development
2. Compare and Contrast the approaches presented in your sources (problem identification, proposed solution, methods, data, conclusions, and/or future work).
3. Identify your sources with properly formatted citations. A minimum of 3 sources are required; 2 must be the journal articles/conference papers. The third reference may be the NAE Grand Challenges website; additional sources (but not Wikipedia) may be used in your brief description of the Grand Challenge. You must use the IEEE citation style.

Written Format Requirements: Prepare a compare/contrast paper. • 500 to 600 words • 1” margins • double spaced • font: 12 pt. Times New Roman or 11 pt. Calibri • include graphics like table, etc.

the 2 articles are:—Geotechnical-(RCE).html?searchId=1453773592.1402&page=17

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