the main macroeconomic problems affecting the economy-FRANCE

The country you have to investigate: FRANCE

• An Executive Summary (5%)

• A brief background essay on the macroeconomy (7%) • A brief essay determining where the economy lies in the business cycle (data is helpful!) (8%)

• A brief essay outlining the main macroeconomic problems affecting the economy (10%)

• A critical overview of the fiscal policy stance of the government (25%)

• A critical overview of the monetary policy stance of the central bank, including discussion of its degree of independence (25%)

• A conclusion about the current state of the economy, and what advice you might offer the government and the central bank (this could be included in the two previous sections) (15%)

• A complete and properly formatted Bibliography (Harvard) (5%)

Do not regard the above as a complete list. You should feel free to include any other information you believe to be relevant. Please ensure you make full use of the range of tools of macroeconomic analysis and empirical data.

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