The required is to Answer 3 of the 6 questions bellow about philosophy.​ Each Answer in about a half a page long

The required is to Answer 3 of the 6 questions bellow about philosophy. Each Answer in about a half a page long 1. CHAPTER ONE. p. 7. June 1982. Events of June, 1982: Rickey Henderson, a baseball player, achieves 50 stolen bases in the quickest time ever; Israeli ambassador Shlomo Argov seriously wounded by Palestinians; Israel attacks targets in south Lebanon; Martina Navrtilova wins the French Women’s Open Tennis tournament for the first time; Falklands War: Royal Fleet Auxiliary Sir Gahalad attacked in San Carlos Water (“Bomb Alley”) by Argentine aircraft: 48 soldiers and crewman were killed; Larry Holmes wins the heavyweight boxing title; Pope John Paul II visits Argentina; “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial” a film by Steven Speilberg is released; Fahd becomes King of Saudi Arabia after King Khalid dies at 69; Argentine soldiers surrender in the Falklands; Paul McCartney releases “Take it Away;” Ronald Regan is shot by John Hinkley; Princess Diana of England has a child, William; In the U.S.A. the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution goes down in defeat: [Discuss: what is the significance of this date? What was happening in the USA and the world then?
2. p. 7. It is June. Chicago University is on the quarter system so that classes have just ended. Andrew is free for the summer. [Discuss: or is he “free”? What preliminary clues to we have?]
3. CHAPTER TWO. PP. 13-14. Andrew is trying to buy a bus ticket with a American Express Traveler’s Check (not stated, though probably a fifty-dollar check). This would require $38 dollars change. [What about Andrew’s tone here to the bus ticket seller? Is Andrew overly arrogant? How does that affect your opinion of him? ]
4. pp. 19-25 Andrew falls asleep and is awakened by the young lady who Andrew had eyed when she bordered the bus late in Chicago. Now they are in Milwaukee. The bus has a mechanical problem and there will be a delay. Andrew tries to thank the woman and in the process gets her name: Miss Brevist. [Andrew solicits her name to thank her. He uses the preface “Miss” since in this era “Ms” or “Mrs” would also be available discuss these choices from both points of view] Andrew offers to buy her a coffee as a ‘thank you’ for waking him up. Andrew contemplates whether Miss Brevist might think he was trying to “pick her up.” Yet this contemplation does not affect his behavior. [Is Andrew trying to “pick up” Miss Brevist? Why or Why not? ]
5. CHAPTER FOUR, p. 40-45 Mike, Billy, and Joey force Andrew inside Anthea’s room and question him about the whereabouts of Anthea. The thugs seem stupid and are arguing among themselves. Andrew isn’t playing along the way they’d like so they deck him. Andrew recovers and searches his pockets and finds his driver’s license and the hundred dollars still there. His room key is gone. He gets another from the front desk and finds his room is empty. He has a choice: (a) chalk this up to experience or (b) to go after Anthea. Andrew chooses (b). [Discuss the probity of Andrew’s choice. How many students would choose (a) over (b)? Why? Why does Andrew choose the way he does and what does this tell us about Andrew? ]
6. CHAPTER FIVE, pp. 62- 67. Instead of Barbara, Anthea was in the room. Andrew attacks her leaving him as the “fall guy.” She says that they wouldn’t have killed him because they are low-level stooges of Clay Macdonald, a small time thug to whom Anthea was his “moll.” The conversation ends when they make love. [Discuss: Did Anthea guess that Andrew would follow her to Tomah? Does she feel any guilt over setting Andrew up for some physical punishment? What do you think of that? Andrew is running away from his wife, and Anthea is running away from Clay. How are these situations parallel and how are they different? If Anthea thought that Andrew would follow her and possibly arrive at this hotel (the only one in town), what is she communicating to Andrew should he potentially show up that she has taken on the guise of being his wife? What do you think Andrew thought?]

The course is philosophy

Answer 3 questions about what we read this week

The textbook required for this assignment: from chapter 1 to chapter 5

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It’s Kindle on amazon for free if you are student

Attached is a copy of this part of the book ( Chapters 1- 5)

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