The USA Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act: Legislative (In) Justice?

This article attached is no more than four years old and is at least three pages in length. The article selected should discuss either the positive effects or harm that has resulted from the creation of the PATRIOT Act.

The purpose of an article review is to let other readers know what the work is about so that they may decide whether they want to read the entire work. The review should not only describe the work, but it should also evaluate it. Include each of the following within your article review:

��� An introduction to the article,
��� The key points from the article concerning the impact of the PATRIOT Act on civil liberties,
��� A summary of the article���s conclusion, and
��� An evaluation of the article, to include the following:
o Why is this article important?
o Should others read it?
o Was the article well-written (e.g., organized, easy to understand)?
o What is your perspective and opinion on the article?

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