theories and categories of abuse,/process of how a report of child maltreatment is made,

prepare for this Discussion, you will read about theories and categories of abuse, as well as the process of how a report of child maltreatment is made, from intake to assessment. In addition to reading the text, you will research your state’s requirements for making a child abuse report.

For this discussion, you will need to complete the reading assignment and review the BBC Investigation, America?s Child Death Shame.

theifilestv. (2012, Sep 12). America?s Child Death Shame. [Video File]. Retrieved from

? Provide a summary of what you learned from the investigation.

? Explain which part of the investigation made the biggest impact on you.

? Describe some of the challenges Human Services Professionals may face when working on child abuse cases. What are your suggestions for dealing with those challenges?

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