Tucanos Brazilian Grilled restaurant

: It is about opening Tucanos Brazilian Grilled restaurant in small town in Utah state its name Logan. So my job is to see if the culture of this town is good for this kind of restaurant.
 These audios for 7 guest speakers. You have to write one page for each speaker for a total of 7 pages as journal.
 I send the instructions for the journal 1 to your email please check it. The journal due this Thursday. Please see the difference in time between US and your country. This assignment can’t be late because this is a midterm assignment. So please be careful with this one especially, and if you have any questions please ask me.
 I will send you an email has information about the speakers and with YouTube links that has all the lectures. Notice that write the 7 pages in order as the  the names of the speakers’ order. The names of the speakers have dates that are in order from oldest to newest. Please make the 7 pages in order from the first lecture which is the oldest to the last lecture which the newest.
[ I have already found each guest speaker video and I put the link of each guest speaker under his name.


Thu, 2016/1/14

Anna Milliner-Utah state senator



Thu, 2016/1/21

Art Wing – Little Giant


Thu, 2016/1/28

Todd Pedersen – Vivint



Thu, 2016/2/4

Robert J. Grow – JD, Envision Utah



Thu, 2016/2/11

David Meine



Thu, 2016/2/18

Carla Meine – Salacia Farms



Thu, 2016/2/25

Amy Anderson


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