U.S. Monopoly Capitalism

U.S. Monopoly Capitalism: An Irrational System

Pages 185-212

  1. In what market structure do most industries end up (Baran, Sweezy)?

  2. What type of business dominates most industries?

  3. What did Marx see?

  4. List advantages these firms have.

  5. Capture the essence of Figure 1.

  6. What social welfare programs existed since Marx’s time?

  7. Why do Baran and Sweezy criticize monopoly capitalism?

  8. What is the inevitable outcome of monopoly capital?

  9. What is the accusation about the Gap and Microsoft?

  10. What happens to price in mature industries?

  11. Where is there price competition?

  12. What does Shepherd say about mergers?

  13. What is true about large companies and innovation?

  14. How does Balan define surplus?

  15. If firms are profitable, what happens to investment?

  16. Describe what happened to investment in the 1990’s.

  17. What is the connection between the sales effort and the savings rate?

  18. Describe the manipulative practice of branding.

  19. How does advertising fit into capitalism?

  20. What has the service economy produced?

  21. What does David Gordon say about supervision?

  22. Give points to support the “irrational system”.

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