Understanding International Human Resource Management with an analysis of Sony Corporation

Please be aware that the whole paper after completion will go through a professional lecturer for feedback before submitting which can eventually bring several revision requests and i will not accept the paper until the lecturer is fully satisfied. It will also go through Turnitin plagiarism checks before submission. If you still are ready to provide your best complying with these then you may accept this order. The dissertation proposal is uploaded which contains several information. Understand the scope of the research. There are some useful books listed there. You may use those books if you have access to them, otherwise you are free to look for books yourselves. Follow the outline that is uploaded. References in Harvard Referencing System strictly. Language in British English Strictly. All the sources used should be original, not just copied from anyone’s previous works. Sources should not be more than 5 years old. Also dont worry about the primary research…you may do the whole paper by using secondary research only….but a good research is required which contains both qualitative and quantitative research. You need to use the journals and reference them well. I have provided access to 3 journal databases for which the access information is is uploaded as ‘Guide to accessing journals’. You must use those journal publications as much as you can and do a coherent summary of them in the literature review part. Also there are some articles that are uploaded from where you can gather information for findings chapter. You MUST also include several graphs and tables to support your view points in the findings and discussion part. For other tables/graphs related to literature review/theories can be attached in appendix.
i have uploaded the new document with slight changes…instead of the whole international hrm practices in sony, now it will be how cross culture affects the international HRM and the best way to tackle it and sony’s strategy in this matte

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