visual studio assignment

Project Report + Desktop Application

Project Report format

The project report must be produced as a word document. It must have page numbers, headings and a table of contents. It must have a front cover with each student’s name, matriculation number and programme of study. Each page should be numbered. Headings should be 14 points bold and the body of the text should be 12 points.

The group project report should include the following:

Abstract: (Note: There should not be any picture/image on the Abstract page) Table of Contents: refer to the format given

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Include subsections with subtitles and numbers (for example 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 …)



Chapter 2 – Design

1.1 Overview
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Purpose and scope of the project
1.4 Functional & Non Functional Requirements 1.5 Business Case for the Proposed System

1.5.1 Reasons for the project
1.5.2 Business Options (do nothing, do the minimal, do

1.5.3 Expected benefits
1.5.4 Cost, Time Scale and Major Risk

Include subsections with subtitles and numbers (for example 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 …) Example: 2.1 Design of Databases (E. R Diagrams)

2.2 Data Flow Diagrams
2.3 Use Case Diagrams
2.4 UML Diagrams
2.5 Interface Design (prototype screens layouts)

Chapter 3 – Implementation Details

Here, the students are expected to discuss about the Implementation details. Example: 3.1 Software Life Cycle Used

3.2 Database and Tables used
3.3 Describing important SQL statements used 3.4 Testing the Forms with entered data

Chapter 4 –Results & Discussion

Fulfillment of objectives, screen shots, reports generated etc.

Chapter 5 – Conclusion

Chapter 6 – Future Work

Explanation of how it could be improved/entended


(The word count for the project report should have a maximum of 4000 words)

Part 2 Individual Reflective Report (20% of the overall module mark)

You are also required to produce an individual reflective report. This is a retrospective discussion of the overall successes and weaknesses of the project and the individual group roles in the project e.g. what worked, what didn’t, what were the strengths, what were the weaknesses, what you would change next time, how you might change it.


(Word count of 1000 words maximum)

I attached the file below for all the instructions and requirements

5000 words for all

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