What happened to create the evil of the Holocaust?

  1. You are a young soldier who has lived through the D-Day Invasion. You saw horrendous things on that day. You are obsessed with finding answers to a number of questions. Why are we fighting this war? Who is to blame? Why did so many millions have to die? What will Europe look like after the war? Will it ever end and what will the rest of my life be like?

  2. You are a 19 year old person from Holland who is barely surviving in the death-camp of Auschwitz. It is early 1945 and you have heard rumors that the Allies are coming. However, for you it may be too late. Your job is to help move and burn the remains of people killed in the gas-chambers and you know that soon you may be the next victim. You remember life before the War living with Christian neighbors and friends, sharing holidays, going to the movies, even being invited to church celebrations. What happened to create the evil of the Holocaust?

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