What?strategies?can?you?use?to?help?your?students?generate?meaningful?questions?to?promote?a?deeper?level?of mathematical?thinking?/How?do?you?generate?questions?for?your?students?that?address?the?variety?of?levels?and?capabilities?of mathematical?thinking?in?a?whole?class?situation??Provide?a?couple?of?examples?of?such?questions?for?a?stated grade?level.


Respond to each discussion question. The questions should be related to kindergarten students. Each question should consist of 137 words.
Discussion 1
What strategies can you use to help your students generate meaningful questions to promote a deeper level of mathematical thinking?

Discussion 2
How do you generate questions for your students that address the variety of levels and capabilities of mathematical thinking in a whole class situation? Provide a couple of examples of such questions for a stated grade level.

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