Which branch of government, in your opinion, has the most power? Do you believe they are balanced?

American Government – Fall 2010

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The following are a list of terms used in class and/or found in the readings/textbook. In the below essay questions, you must use each term at least once in your response. Each term is worth 4 points every time it is used correctly and in relevance to your discussion. NOTE: Use of a term can result in either a 0,1, 2, 3 or 4 point score. Please highlight each time you use a term by placing the term in BOLD and CAPS. (Hint: The best use of terms will usually validate its use with a brief definition or explanation of the term immediately following its use.)

Each term is worth points:
1) Democracy-
2) Checks & Balances-
3) Federalism-
4) Tenth Amendment-
5) Bicameral-
6) Gerrymandering-
7) Pork-
8) Veto-
9) Ceremonial-
10) Trial Court-
11) Appellate Court-
12) Precedent-
13) Judicial Review-
14) Amendment-
15) Libel-
16) Civil Liberties-
17) Civil Rights-
18) Bureaucracy-

The following are 4 short essay questions. In 8-11 sentences, discuss your thoughts providing as much detail and as many examples as you see fit. Remember, I am not grading your opinion, but your overall knowledge of the topic. Each question is worth 20 points.

1) Though the founding fathers may not agree with everything we’ve done since they founded our nation, what is the one thing we’ve held true throughout American History? Why is this so important and explain how this still exists.

2) Which branch of government, in your opinion, has the most power? Do you believe they are balanced? Explain your answer using examples.

3) Is the Constitution a Living Document or written in stone? Are you a purist or an “amender”. Tell me your thoughts on the behavior and evolution of the constitution using examples to prove your argument. Where have the amendments been compromised? Where have they been upheld?

4) Tell me about modern day American Culture and the culture of the framers. How are priorities the same? How are they different? Think of a modern day issue that might be responded to differently by the founding society.

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