word publisher

for this assignment you will create a word publisher letter head. you need word publisher please follow the instructions

You and up to 2 associates are going into business! Your business will be building single-family homes on lots that you already own.

Here could be a rough description of the home you are building: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2300 square feet built on a lot that you own. You purchased the lot for $70,000 but will charge $85,000 for it to the customer. Here is a list of major steps:

1)Permits, construction loan approval, and contracts signed

2)Grading, rough utilities, and foundation.

3)Rough framing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

4)Insulation, drywall, flooring, finish carpentry, painting, roofing, stucco

5)Finish electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, and carpets

6)Exterior walkways, landscaping, and utility connections

7)Final walk-thru and contract completion.

assignment word publisher

You will create, save digitally, and print out each of the following:

1)In Word/Publisher: Design letterhead with your logo on it for:

a.A letter with a written description of the house you are building.

i.Include some background information on your company. Write to convince your client to go with you as the contractor!

ii.A table with a payment plan for up to 6 payment draws as you complete milestones (based on your Project Schedule — this is the money the owner will pay to you as the project progresses)

iii.Estimated payment for the house for (a) a 20-year loan and (b) a 30-year loan

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