X.com marketing director

X.com marketing director has consulted with a few agencies and discussed potential impact of building a few landing pages to maximize engagement, registrations and net sales on the retail website.
You were hired as a consultant to help the director make a decision.

The marketing manager decided to test 4 landing pages:
A ? ?On Sale? products without an offer
B ? ?On Sale? products with a strong offer: 30% off
C ? Hot New Merchandise: New Arrivals with an offer 20% off
D ? Hot New Merchandise: New Arrivals without an offer
E (Control) ? Current frontpage

1) All landing pages include registration bottom
2) All landing pages have a similar creative design
3) Average order revenue = $125
4) Landing page subsequent click rate off the current frontpage = 1.4%, and in external media we don?t mention any promotions or discounts.
5) COGS = 30% of Gross Revenue
6) Production cost of 1 landing page = $3000

– Engagement is defined as number of pages per visit.
– Registrations are defined as number of visitors who registered but not purchased.
– Net Sales is total revenue minus ( COGS, total offer costs and promotion costs).

Test Strategy, design and implementation
Please layout a test plans with all relevant:
– Marketing objectives
– The profit drivers
– Detailed test design: what do we test, how do we test?
– Test administration and implementation
– Organizational coordination and collaboration
– Data collection
– Proforma P&L
– Measurement methodology , statistical testing (show at least 4 tests)
– Key findings and recommendations

Questions/Deliverables: Write a test design including the following sections:
– Marketing objectives
– The profit drivers: Clearly define what are the KPIs
– Detailed test design: what do we test, how do we test?
o Hypotheses testing: write at least 4 H0/H1 pairs
– Test administration and implementation:
o Determine at 95% confidence internal
o What are the minimum samples sizes needed per cell?
o Please provide start and end dates for the testing
– Organizational coordination and collaboration
o Who does what?
o What are the steps from planning to execution?
o Time frames

– Data collection
o What data do we collect?
o Who collect the data
o When does it delivered for analysis

– Proforma P&L
o Please develop a Proforma P&L to assess the viability and test priorities

– Primary and Secondary KPIs

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